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Review: The Truth About Alice

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 Title:  The Truth About Alice**
 Author: Jennifer Mathieu
 Release Date: June 1st 2014
 Published by: Hardie Grant Egmont (UK/AUS)
 Pages: 199
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Synopsis: There are a lot of rumors flying around about Alice Franklin. It all started at a party, where Alice supposedly slept with 2 guys in one night.

Soon everyone had picked a side, do they believe Alice or Brandon Fitzimmons the most popular guy in school.

When Brandon dies in a car crash there are some serious allegations that his death is Alice's fault. And soon the truth because merely a matter of opinion.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars.

My Thoughts: I really enjoy realistic contemporary books like The Truth About Alice. So when i read its synopsis i just had to give it a go. This story is told from 4 different perspectives, Elaine: The most popular girl in school, Kelsie: Alice's "BFF, Josh: Brandon Fitzsimmons Best Friend and Kurt: The school nerd. This is a story about friendship and really how quickly word of mouth can spread and in some small way, the desire to be popular and the lengths some people will go to.

For me this book did start off a little bit slow. It was very obvious that what i was reading was from the point of view of teenages (Jennifer Mathieu excuted each of the teens voice perfectly) and i found it hard to get into. But then all of a sudden i was hooked. I can't tell you what changed, just that i had to keep on reading.

Elaine is the character you love to hate, she is what would be classified as the typical "popular" high school girl. She knows she's popular and she knows the power that she yields. I think many of us in life have met an Elaine, nice to your face but loves the gossip. I loved the different perspectives of all the characters and i loved learning their stories and their motivations.

I think this is a wonderfully told story. A story that could very easily be true in any high school (or even workplace) right now. This is the type of book that leaves you thinking and contemplating your own life and friendships.

When i finished this book i felt like went through a wave of emotions. I sat contemplating my own friendships and how different friends react to different circumstances. I don't think i have read any other book that has made me sit and contemplate my real life before, and the only conclusion i can make, and what i feel the book is telling you, is that sometimes it takes the worst situations in life to discover who your real friends are.

If you enjoy realistic contemporary books i highly recommend you pick up The Truth About Alice. Such a wonderfully written and very insightful story.

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**This book was bought with my own money from the Book Depository. 

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