Monday, May 27, 2013

Review: Dead Ever After

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So, any one that followed my bout of books reading will know that I I finished this book during the read-a-thon. I was immediately angry about the ending of this series and wanted to let my thoughts on the book incubate before I reviewed the book. I think now that its been a Couple of weeks I can give a better review.

Dead ever after is the 13th and final book in the Sookie Stackhouse series. This book, like the others, follows Sookie Stackhouse and her daily dealings after the vampires "came out of the closet".

Despite the fact that I am still mad about the ending, this was a good book. I enjoy Charlaines writing style, she is not to overly descriptive but descriptive enough that I can picture the world. Charlaine, also was good at building the Stackhouse world. I always had a good sense of where the characters were and how things happened in Bon Temps.

This book was mostly told by Sookie, however there where parts in this book that followed other characters and were told by a narrator. This added an extra bit of intrigue to the book, following what these additional characters were upto and wondering, just who do they work for.

My main problem with this book (aside from the ending) was that the book felt rushed. I felt like Charlaine knew this was the last book and just wanted it over with. Instead of taking the time to tie up the story lines properly she decided to pick the ending that worked the fastest.

Overall I loved the series and I will read it again. I will never like the ending though. It was rushed and I feel that there are so many different way that tis book could of ended that would have been so much better.

My rating for this books:

My rating for the whole series:

I'm planning on doing a discussion video on YouTube about this book, my rant about the ending and what I think could have been a better ending. Let me know what you thought of the book and the series. If you have any points you would like me to discuss in the video.

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